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Here you can buy and download the OpenRep SYNOPSIS. OpenRep SYNOPSIS FREE is a limited FREE edition of the OpenRep SYNOPSIS that allows you to try all the features and functionality of OpenRep SYNOPSIS, but its content is limited to a handful of repertories and materia medicas.

The OpenRep SYNOPSIS COMPLETE features the full range of repertories and materia medicas and free of any limitations of the free version. It allows you to experience the full power of the OpenRep SYNOPSIS.

OpenRep SYNOPSIS requires:

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  • Apple OSX 10.6
  • Linux
  • 2GB of RAM and 2GB of HDD space

Materia Medicas110109109
ARCHIVES books3378228
Books total413178337
PriceFREE299 USD799 USD1.199 USD


A basic version of OpenRep SYNOPSIS that offers a very affordable fully functional repertorization software. A great value for students and beginning practitioners.

Price: 299 USD


Bönninghausen, C. vonTherapeutic Pocketbook (T.F. Allen's translation)
Boger, Cyrus MaxwellGeneral Analysis
Kent, James TylerHomeopathic Repertory
Polony, VladimirRepertorium Publicum

Materia Medicas and ARCHIVES books

Berridge, WilliamA Hahnemannian cureArticle
Boericke, DeweyThe 12 tissue remedies by SchüsslerBook
Boericke, DeweyThe 12 tissue remedies by Schüssler (Clinical Cases)Book
Clarke, John HenryRadium as an Internal RemedyARCHIVES
Clarke, John HenryRheumatism and SciaticaARCHIVES
Hahnemann, SamuelOrganon of Medicine 6th EditionBook
Hering, ConstantineThe Guiding Symptoms of our Matria MedicaBook
Lippe, AdolphCholera InfantumArticle
Lippe, AdolphClinical ReflectionsArticle
Lippe, AdolphDrug ProvingArticle
Lippe, AdolphRhus ToxicodendronArticle
Kent, James TylerThe Lectures on Homoeopathic PhilosophyBook
Santee, E.M.Repertory of ConvulsionsARCHIVES
Tyler, MargaretAluminaArticle